Did you know..?

Libraries Tasmania is a place for everyone. We have around 2.4 million visits to our libraries each year from devoted members and curious visitors.

Our offerings are just as diverse as our community, and we’ve got something for you!   

Did you know… you can access free online streaming as a Libraries Tasmania member?

Forget about Netflix. Your library membership gives you direct access to Beamafilm. Watch movies, documentaries and tv shows for free from the convenience of your own device.

Did you know… about our exciting programs and books for kids?

Visit your library with your child to find out more about our Rock & Rhyme and Storytime programs and connect with other families.

Borrow a baby book pack to help your child develop language and literacy and build a life-long love of reading.

Did you know… we have bilingual picture and board books?

Borrow a bilingual picture book or board book and read and learn with your child in your preferred language. Place a hold via the library catalogue, or contact us for help.

Did you know… about our helpful workshops for adults who want to keep learning?

Find a free computer class at your local library and keep learning about the digital world.

Would you or a friend like reading, writing or maths to be easier? Drop into your local library and ask about our literacy service to find out about how we can help.

To see what’s on at your local library, search for Libraries Tasmania on Eventbrite, or contact your local library directly.

Did you know… you are welcome in our comfortable public spaces?

Relax, meet up with friends, recharge your phone or use a computer.

Connect with others by coming into your local library and find new hobbies like reading world news in a language other than English using our eLibrary’s online magazines and newspapers.

Did you know… about the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts?

Libraries Tasmania is the custodian of thousands of treasured pieces of Tasmania’s history. Some can be found at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.

Visit the Allport and experience the current exhibition Vision of a palawa, as well as the permanent living collection of nationally significant Tasmanian colonial paintings, photographs, rare books and more…

Can’t visit the Allport in person? Explore the collections from your couch by viewing our online exhibitions, or keep up with the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage news online.

Did you know… you can chat to a librarian?

Do you have a burning research question? If you’re looking for research help, you can get in touch directly with one of our librarians. Ask a librarian today!

The above is just a snapshot of what you can expect to find at Libraries Tasmania. To find out more visit libraries.tas.gov.au.

Show the love this Library Lovers’ Day. Borrow, return or visit around the state!

Can you remember the first time you ever lost yourself in a book? The childlike feeling of tumbling into a new world? Or, falling in love with your favourite characters?

Libraries around Australia are asking their members to “show the love” on 14 February, and we’re inviting you to join in!

With 46 libraries in Tasmania, and one card for them all, we want you to show the love to libraries, near and far this February.

Did you know that you can borrow and return your book to any library in the state?

That’s right! Whether you’re holidaying at home, or adventuring, there’s a library close by for you to borrow, return or visit.

From the island town of Currie, to the forests of St Mary’s, to Kingston in the south, ten convenient 24/7 return chutes will guide your way.

Rediscover an old favourite or find a new story to cherish, then show the love by returning your items anywhere, anytime.

For more information, contact your local library or visit our locations map online.