Follow your curiosity…Become a member!

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Have you ever wondered what a library membership could mean for you?

You might be asking… “what can I access for free?” or “will a library membership suit my busy lifestyle?”

Having a library membership can make your life easier and open your world to information and resources that you may not be able to access otherwise.

You can access our free online and physical resources from anywhere in the state if you’re a library member, it’s easy!

Members get free access to:

  • eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • online magazine and newspapers
  • TV, film and music streaming
  • books, CDs and magazines
  • bilingual books and newspapers
  • online language and literacy courses.

Do you know your child can become a library member?

Children can become a member from birth and have their own personal library card.

Do you know a new parent who would love to read their little one board books?

Baby book packs make it easy to choose! Baby book packs are curated by our librarians and help the learning and development of children from 0-1, 1-2 and 2-3 years old.

There are many other children’s resources that can be accessed with a library membership.

Do you know library members can access our Home Library Service?

The Home Library Service can help library members!

Home Library Service is a free and convenient way for homebound residents to maintain a vital connection with all that the library offers by becoming a library member and registering for home delivery.

Do you know that if you are couch surfing, travelling or homeless you are still eligible for library membership?

We have options for people in difficult circumstances. You can become a member without a permanent address!

If you or someone you know would love a membership, it’s as easy as signing up online or visiting a local library in person.

Where will your library membership lead you?

Become a member online or visit your local library to join in person.