Professional Historians Association Victoria and Tasmania Talks

Get curious! Visit the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts for the monthly historical talk series, Professional Historians Association Victoria and Tasmania Talks.

Professional Historians Association Victoria and Tasmania Talks, are a series of monthly public lectures held at the State Library of Tasmania, and are jointly sponsored by the State Library and Archive Service and the Professional Historians Association Victoria and Tasmania (PHA (Vic & Tas)).

Each month you can expect to hear from a professional historian, academic or researcher on the interpretation, documentation and communication of history and the present day.

The talks are presented by professional historians or experts in their field on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm, and are aimed at a diverse audience of researchers, the public and people who like to expand their knowledge of Tasmania’s history and heritage.

Upcoming talk: ‘Real and imagined colonial race relations in Australia’

Join us on Thursday 2 June, and re-examine the nature of Irish relations with indigenous peoples in the colonies of Australasia with researcher Ciara Smart.

In this session, Ciara will explore the reality of race relations in Australia through experiences of a handful of Irish nationalists in Australia. These stories, including the well-known William Smith O’Brien in Van Diemen’s Land, offer us a lens to explore Australian colonial history.

Ciara Smart is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania. Her research focuses on the nuances of Australasian-Irish history with a particular focus on colonial race relations.

Can’t make it on the day? Each of the talks are available as a webinar, or on SoundCloud and YouTube after the event.

To find out more about our past and future events, see the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Art’s Eventbrite page.

‘By Mountain and Sea’: 100 Years of Cadbury’s at Claremont

Did someone say chocolate? How delightful!

Savour Tasmania’s rich history in chocolate making and enjoy our Cadbury’s display By Mountain and Sea’: 100 Years of Cadbury’s at Claremont.

Visit in person: Display now on at the State Library and Tasmanian Archives Reading Room.

View online: See a selection of the Tasmanian Archives Cadbury’s collection online on Flickr, and images from Cadbury’s from our catalogue.

Read the research blog: Learn about the Model Factory at Cadbury’s Claremont in the research blog.

Showcasing historic photographs, film, illustrations, and product artworks from our Tasmanian Archives and items loaned from the Hodgman family, ‘By Mountain and Sea’: 100 Years of Cadbury’s at Claremont highlights one of Tasmania’s most recognised institutions – the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.

Opening in October 1922 and developed according to Quaker ideals, the factory included housing for staff, recreation and education facilities – including a library and a cricket ground. Included in the display is information about the history of the company and its connections to dairy and fruit industries around Tasmania.

At the centre of the Reading Room display is a collection of original sketches and mock-ups drawn by Vernon Hodgman (1909 – 1984). Vernon Hodgman was a commercial artist and industrial designer at Cadbury’s Claremont between 1928 and 1940, and in 1945 became the Head of the Design Studio. These items are on loan from the Hodgman Family.

The exhibition is a celebration of our local community, shared knowledge and creativity. From family members, factory tours and primary producers, the Cadbury’s brand has touched many Tasmanian families and is a world recognised name.

Curious about what else you might find in the Tasmanian Archives? Home to more than 1.2 million archive and heritage items, you can explore the archives from your own device including the many images from Cadbury’s through our website.

Get curious! What will you discover?

Image: Cadbury Factory, Joyce in cocoa bean store, “Cadburys – A Cake of Chocolate”

91 STORIES… The Toreador!

This year we are getting curious and digging deeper into a selection of the 91 Stories exhibition.

Curated from selections by the Tasmanian public, the exhibition includes your favourites from the State Library of Tasmania, Tasmanian Archives and the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.

Let’s take a closer look at The Toreador…

A single item can be a window into a story that weaves itself across locations and generations. And a ‘musical score’ – the sheets of music notes used for a performance – owned by a notable (yet until recently, largely forgotten) Tasmanian woman is one of these windows…

Read about the full story of Lucy Benson in The Lady Conductor and the Score of the Toreador in the State Library and Tasmanian Archive Blog.

View the 91 STORIES online exhibition.

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